Inveterate Expresser Poem by Dorothy Kardas, Psy.D. Th.D.

Inveterate Expresser

Rating: 5.0

Eager to announce an opinion
Itching to speak, to divulge and declare
Often clueless, unknowing
Yet, raring to express;
Expressing contempt rather than
Devoting thought to its doubts
Passing judgment instead of
Grieving over its folly
Rather than remaining silent
Is always declaiming something
Giving credence to its thoughts instead of
Standing in fear of them...
Scribing about presumed realities rather than
Its own unknowingness...
Unapt mind,
Incorrigible lips,
Impotent pen,
Voiceful, yet effort wasting voicer
Noxious... corrosive...
'Ignis fatuus'...

Twin Sisters 16 May 2009

Oh, YES! The itchy tongues that have NOTHING to say (only lies at best!) ...they seem to be the loudest these days. Really clueless to the meaning of life and our existence....but even more clueless are THE ONES WHO LISTEN to such dribble! Well penned, thanks for another rousing poem!

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Jay Pappalardo 17 April 2009

This is yet another super example of great satire! My favorite, filled with deep insight lines are 'giving credence to its thoughts instead of standing in fear of them' and 'scribbling about presumed realities rather than its own unknowingness'. This is very sound advice to us all and also to writers! 10! ! !

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Reggis Fenagalo 19 September 2008

Poems with a PUNCH! I love it! ! ! Isn't it is so true that people who talk the most often have the LEAST to really say? That's what fascinates me about your work Dr. Kardas. You say so much in such a short, but ever so eternally meaningful verse. Not a word or phrase is wasted anywhere. That takes real talent. Great work...All 10+

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