My Silent Listener Poem by shreya koppaka

My Silent Listener

Rating: 5.0

I look back at the distant past,
With a lump in my throat and a hole in my heart,
Those sweet memories of joy and pleasure,
Those days forever I must treasure.

How happy we were in those days,
All decisions made all paths set,
How easy life was back then,
When to all questions answers were met.

Back then I had a listener,
Who heard to my tales of joy and sorrow,
And patiently sat through my crazy stories,
And silently watched me, dream of tomorrow.

I dint need advice back then,
I dint need a real person to hear me out,
All I wanted was an illusion, to which I could talk,
So a silent listener I had found.

I would talk for hours to the evening star,
Or fills many of my diary’s pages,
These became for long my silent listeners,
Which I would pretend spoke back for ages.

But now I stand alone at a junction,
My mind has suddenly stopped to function,
So many roads to take, so many ways to go,
What to do I do not know.

The road gets narrower as I proceed,
Almost alone I have become indeed,
The decisions I need to take myself,
I have me to answer to and no one else.

So now I need my silent listener to take a form,
Some advice to be given and a duty to perform,
I need my silent listener to talk,
And along with me my path, walk.

So I need my listener to be more than audience,
To be a real person for once,
Than being a listener do something more,
Listen to this plea for help and don’t ignore,

Show yourself,
My best friend,
My only advicer,
My soul mate….. my silent listener.

Mystic Indian 11 August 2009

we are all silent listeners - the speaker and the listener as well.. well crafted piece.10/10 Please visit and review my work too. Thank you.

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Ted M 13 July 2009

Interesting piece, lovely flow, nicely crafted very cool.

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Uday Sagar 10 January 2008

thats ur self..................

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Vidushi Khera 13 December 2005

This poem i could really relate to, specially since you've worded a very true feeling! ! I could hear myself say those very acheived! ! It's a great poem with a beautiful flow and pleasing rhyme. Keep up the good work! ! LuV VidZ

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Ray Lucero 02 December 2005

Sheya, Nice continuity and honesty. You have the courage to ask so how can God refuse your plea? Ray

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