Bernedita Rosinha Pinto
Goa, India
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Is Covid - The End Game Of Life?

And God said to Adam- here I give you Eve
but never touch or eat the forbidden fruit;
yet tempted by Eve, Adam ate the fruit.
God gave man a planet called the earth,
in it he filled air with oxygen to breathe,
in it He placed water even as oceans and seas;
and God said to man - protect the nature
for this is your environment and your home;
but man as restless as ever, chose to venture
and do whatever it takes to make his life more wonderful.
Man worked to make the places on this earth
more magnificent than what God had granted to him;
so many huge buildings and bridges man built
everywhere whether it was in New York or Paris
whether it was in Dubai or Sharjah, Riyadh or Jeddah.
God thought for a while how could man abstain
from his dreams and curtail his developments
when man himself was so full of incessant greed and plunder
in his eyes and mind, so endlessly so restlessly!
When God had bequeathed simplicity and peace
for man to enjoy and cherish until he lived,
man never stopped to live in his habitat of simplicity but always wandered to find greener pastures away from home
when two meals was all he needed to survive and exist.
And as generations kept growing into millions
God saw there was no control nor limitations
to man's superfluous desires and dreams
and as men kept rolling and rotating in his adventures,
man never realized nor rested to respect
the wonderful creations around him
such as the forest and deserts, the rivers and the lakes.
And as man kept cutting trees in the forests,
building skyscrapers in the sands,
God felt so hurt and saddened
that from afar came an air blowing making man
to choke, to suffocate either to survive or to die.
God as the master of this universe from one end
of the world to another, from one sphere to another
from north to south, from east to west
wanted to subdue the pride of men who kept
destroying, demolishing and devouring mother-nature.
Man thus displaced his reverence to mother-earth
and the the Creator for providing him with everything,
the air to breathe, the water to drink,
the mountains to climb, the deserts to sleep
and for the splendid universe with galaxies above
which God Himself had crafted meticulously with precision
as a gift of endless resources for life to go on
so that even if years swilled into centuries
God should forever be remembered for His
benevolence and mightiness.
Is Covid - The End Game Of Life?
Brazil has for the first time reported a 24-hour tally of Covid-19 deaths that exceeds 4,000, becoming the third nation to go above that daily threshold.

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