Is This What We Asked For? Poem by Somanathan Iyer

Is This What We Asked For?

Rating: 3.5

God created us to own only our life
not to own everything under sky
air exists to make all to live
land created for all to dwell
water is there for all to survive
so long man remained uncivilized
shared everything with out any inhibition
once civilized his thoughts turned savage
greed captured his mind anchoring violence
replacing sharing by owning
man started to rule wielding weapons
using his own race as slaves and servants
man created army to further his influence
land and water became property of powerful
denied are others who doesn't have ownership
thriving are some robbing the others
struggling are others robbed by few
greed is the culprit that got our mindset
knows this everyone making the onslaught
out of greed boundaries are created
out of greed empires are extended
out of greed inequality is enforced
out of greed destruction is awaited

Saturday, August 23, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Soulful Heart 04 November 2014

live and let live should have been the general motto of every human but greed has painted the soul with glamour and commercialism that is the other name of by hook or crook get it...

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