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Iscariots In Fade! - Poem by Shireen Ramadan

Coma ov wakefulness, for deceit, reading fortune, in a palm ov gentle sword.
Lacerating, to the centre, Armageddon, our battle ov craft.
Solutions ov immense, creating destiny, in Argus' focus, watching sole princess.
With hundred eyes ov oblivion, transforming ogres ov warlike.
Art ov Beowulf & all the monks, to amass lasting devotion.
Static arrows to stab the senseless, on roots ov concubine, to deceive a genuine.
In gentle palm to decipher labyrinths, ov craft & trauma, for Judas, the deceiver.
Healed the white to execute a redeemer, for a confess, upon the cross.
Crucify the goat, compose barbs ov sharp, for the long suffering king, in sacred chase ov puppets.
For Satan to manipulate, or Jesus to wait, engraved in black, towards severity.
Sacrifice the Lord, by swords ov atheism, unhallowed Iscariot by infernal conspiracy.
In a humble truth, crucified, frayed for puppets ov Luciferium.
Deserving ashes in tragic palate, to whisper procreation ov toxic seeds.
Their aborted fingers ov carbonized, drowned etherealised, for sweet plague insides.
Candy taste, in a wine chest, our misery ov Jesus' beloved, as a soaked bride ov cave-head.
Captured by invincible dead, in hammering hallowing handling fist.
As words transformed cadaver, to worship emptiness ov distorted, procession ov crucified, exposed & loaded.
Lies in epidemic, penance to repent, amorphous poor countenance, in famine ov cursed paradise.
Carrion in deceit ov hierarchy, for Kali, the ogre.
Nursing myriad Iscariots, to feed us the false.
Low sovereign in a pubic oath, catastrophic, claustrophobic, catameniac, apocalyptic.
As a grub to swallow her own flesh, cocoon to smoother the bliss.
Pure catharsis in lie, power indulging their throne ov slaves.
Aborted larva in decadence, cadaver Argus to breed bulimia.
For a damaged innocent Christ, purgating toxic seeds ov ogres.
His shrieks ov buried angels in us, in veins ov clustered sepsis, we yell his wretchedness.
Suffocated carols to a lost life-form, soaked in restricting cords.
Failed to elevate our infants from earth, from hammering hallowing handling fragile.
Cockroaches multiply in apple sin, for the primary evil ov Samael.
His haunting cancer ov wisdom, evoked by humble silence.
Serenades under beings in narrow, to foretell mourning prophecies.
Spontaneous screams ov mist to obey, on my command, raw clay to create.
Their sanctuary in fray, procreation to terminate, for Satan to manipulate, or Jesus to wait.
To twist the slay, God's grace ov jewels, Mesozoic in rules, Triassic to concede.
Judas is eager to please, to yield prostate pressure, fetus in form, Satan to conform.
Apocrypha in the holy begin, to shrink the holy, to swell fornication.
Standard ov Iscariot the executioner, feeding from his tissued dictates.
Intensifiers to invade, testosterone feeding drone, increased by sole breeder in raid.
Meat hooks to penetrate, the welcoming grave in his throat.
TRAITOR, BETRAYER, inverting to untamed, appeal to activate.
Lord ov Triassic, before procreation, trembling to enslaved, by chase, in chains.
O father, your reason to leave me, why? Why've you left your core?
Ungraceful by lizards, in hazards, in forests ov curse, enslaved in gaze.
Abhorrent, repulsive, artificial series ov prostate gods to hate.
Judas the usurper, dwelt in phase, a liberated savage, hungry to Ten Commandments.
The prey has to pray, to salvage, crosses to rise, like phoenix from palatal grave.
Bear the flames, you're banished from holy, our insides ov Malakout, from a wise throat.
You let the famine chew the infant, feeding from carbon wicked.
To distort verses ov sacrificial God, dismantled in lust serenades.
Fatal disaster to be allowed, for stabbing ogres, ov the false visual.
Invoked by Judas, with hundred eyes ov oblivion, our human hair in bound, to hang a Christ in reason.
In coma ov wakefulness, to feed the Iscariots, to feed from Lord, his ogres ov Armageddon.....

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