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I Passed The Cornfield - Poem by Shireen Ramadan

I passed my aeons ov chastity
I saw the beast within
I wrote cornfields in my brain backwards
I wrote them & doomed the end
Crocus virgins appealling bed
The crow chose me, you're so dead
Within auditory, the sore ov fruit
My Dalloways died in me, suicide ov adultery
Lost gender in their field, wrote poesy to be redeemed
Saw struggle ov tubes, everlasting, unesteemed
The apple indeed, in deeds ov chamber
Beyond circumference ov my double-vision
Radio waves conspiring, overweight revolting
I swallowed every tiny tool ov their repulsing
My gown is slipping to show a grave
My brain is swimming curious unbrave
The crow chose me to possess a slave
I saw greatness within...
A grail undoomed...
I wrote cornfields with folded hands lingering
I saw a Gorgon beheaded
I watched them loathed unnoticed
Blackholes are obsession ov mine
I doomed intimacy ov beds & circles
Causing physics unending shrine
Plankton in nausea ov graveyard games
My brain-injury, playing chess concussion
My chastity ov crania in a horologium
To slaughter a jabberwalky ov dreams
I pass through...
My gown is slipping to show a grave
My brain is swimming wasted unbrave
My dreams ov staleness are safe to bleed
I slay my noise ov bones & values ov vision
Distort the trees ov lustful end
My prostitues are screaming, you're so dead
They never sleep, drown them in water
To send them back haunting carnivores
Their noise ov souls, my sore ov Jehovah
I doomed my chastity upon a cornfield.....

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