Isn'T Nakedness Like The Premier Adam Better? Poem by Adedolapo Olisa

Isn'T Nakedness Like The Premier Adam Better?

The leaves that cover nakedness
what a satisfaction they bring!
what a relief they plant!
and what a god they are!
we are born in the image of Adam,
the reason it is expedient that we are born also with a nakedness we want to cover
don't be deceived, this nakedness is not physical in our age
and this nakedness' knowledge still results from our continuous bites in the fruit of knowledge
did the serpent not say that 'you will be like God'?
is man's knowledge of science not making him try to be like God?
we are to leave mysteries but solve problems
but as it is we are not contented with the puzzles of nature left unraveled
we want big fishes that our boat can never contain
we want to give answers, because of the expectation we have placed on our shallow, 'deep' wisdom, through thoughts to thoughts that are not just mightier than our greatest depth in thought[wisdom] but will also not just give birth to our great grand thoughts but even compare as an ant to man ratio with them.
Have we even unraveled yet the force behind ants and how they have got so much wisdom
neither have we given answers to the natural cycle of animal's recycling
nor the manual manufacture/assembly of human- and even then; a breathe to make it live.
Man has not fully answered and subdued and mastered the 'createds' yet he wants to know what he knows cannot be known now by him.
i ask 'what is behind all this? '?
Is it not the subtle convincing and confusing whisper of the serpent?
' Don't you want to be like God? '
Little by little, time after time
we have sought leaves to cover our nakedness and have searched solace in profitless knowledge
is it not evident that it is better not to know than to know and become guilty and responsible
Is it not better to be like a baby at old age and possess peace, joy and innocense
than know so much which causes one to lie and deceive because the truth cannot be said since it can only be traded for shame
Did Adam not get so shameful as to shelve the blame on Eve?
but today the end product of hardwork in search of knowledge is the birth of sorrow that needs to be buried
and like a chain, another knowledge is been dug still yet to bring more sorrow
until man says- I bow, though art Lord!
It seems impossible that man says that because even Adam did not deem it fit
the grievious to me still lies in our response always to the question- Do you want to be naked?

Adedolapo Olisa

Adedolapo Olisa

Ilorin, Kwara state.
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