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It Happened Just After Twelve O'clock ***

I got at the building's gate, but I could not open that stubborn lock... The key got broke and I got sad about it... It was all dark outside and Those stray dogs kept howling All night long... I kept asking God's forgiveness since I left Milano... After some minutes I tried to call A friend of mine for help and Astonishingly he was in there... Oh my God! It was God's help for me... God sent him over there at the exact moment To help me getting out of that critical moment... I was keeping asking God's forgiveness All the way up to my dwelling... The key is broke now, but I am all safe and sound... Dogs' howling bothers me To that extent I find myself A little bit angry... God is always behind that mercy that That overlooks suddenly and unexpectedly... By keeping asking God's forgiveness We put ourselves in God's circle That keeps up well and even safer And it represents His Providence... Nothing works without His Great support Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere... ______________________________________________________________________

It Happened Just After Twelve O'clock ***
Thursday, March 17, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: inspirational