Bri Mar

'' It's Called Liquidation '' - Poem by Bri Mar

I went to my work the other day,
The manager said, we have gone away,
Our accounting has gone slightly astray,
You can have some unpaid recreation.

We didn't pay any of our taxes due,
Nor fulfil our obligations to you,
That also applies to our creditors too,
They're not exactly filled with elation.

Some of those we owe have now went bust,
We don't care, they can cry if they must,
You may well say it's so unjust,
That we are now a new creation,

All of the managers are still employed,
Our mountain of debts we've managed to avoid,
To our employees plight we are truly devoid,
We're in a process of restoration.

Though we have torn some lives apart,
To those we owed we have ripped out their heart,
This will allow us a brand new start,
It's now time to set out our station.

We screw the system by not paying our bills,
Total dishonesty is what it instills,
By starting newco we fill up our tills,
No more worries about rampant inflation.

Our infrastructure will remain the same,
There'll be a slight difference in the company name,
For past indiscrepancies we're no longer to blame,
It's a form of degradation.

You may well feel you're about to erupt,
We're using a system that is morally corrupt,
But our answer to you will be very abrupt,
There will be no sequestration.

You may well think it's the system we abuse,
Us still being here to some must confuse,
What we are doing is in effect a ruse,
It's a cleansing of contamination.

It's a miracle akin to the resurrection,
Despite the protests there can be no objection,
The con men look upon it with great affection,
It's the scourge of the business nation.

This capitalist ideal means reneging on debt,
For all those owed you have no regret,
The dishonest in society it does aid and abet,
No more need for an altercation.

It's perfectly legal and all above board,
Although in some quarters it is deplored,
It allows you to reinvest your secret hoard,
For an accountant it's called irrigation.

Anyone can do it it's guaranteed not to fail,
You rob people blind and don't go to jail,
To the con artists it is the Holy Grail,
Come and join our corrupt federation.

What is it that allows us regeneration?
After bankruptcy we're allowed a continuation,
To previous debts we have no obligation,
What's The Term,

‘' It's Called Liquidation ‘'

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, August 21, 2012

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