'It Takes A Village To Raise A Child' Poem by Bill Grace

'It Takes A Village To Raise A Child'

My red neck friends disdain her
Or hold her in open contempt
But she has given us a truth in a land of cities
It takes a village to raise a child.
So who were: Daisy and Pappy Millet? Don and Esther Urquhart? Ken Gardner and Jean Thompson? Sphen and Danny Loman? Jo Strain, George VanClef and Madeline Maurie?
Who were these people and others who raised me?
(The names that are not enshrined here)
You do not have to even know all their stories
To know their truth
It takes a village or at the very least
A church of great heart to help raise a child.

Christina Simmons 18 July 2017

Interesting poem. Made me think deeply about my own childhood. Touched all the relevant cords.

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Ronald Stroman 02 March 2007

and the thick leather belt of discipline. Oops... i apologize... a good corner to 'time out' in.

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Trade Martin 02 March 2007

I'm with Ted, only I don't want Rodham or even the spirit of Karl Marks close to the town. T.M.. PS, forget about the village, good parenting & disipline is the key as far as I'm concerned.

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Ted Sheridan 02 March 2007

I would agree that it takes a village to raise a child.....I just don't want Hillary Clinton as the mayor. Bood write. My wife and I were talking about how when two people must work just to make a good living...it is tough on the child.

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