It Was Just A Spec Poem by Amy Fifita

It Was Just A Spec

Rating: 5.0

It was just a specof hope,
My last and final taste
And now I'll have to cope
With this sadness making haste.
I'll no longer cry on the outside
I'll only cry from within.
This pain, I'll continue to hide
Until death's consumption wins.

It was just a glimpse on light.
It was oh so very dim.
A small spark in my world of light
Jus tso tiny a spark, but darkness is sure to win.
I'll keep playing with death on my demand
With knifes to cut, with fire to burn
Untill death comes to take my hand.
What can I say I'll never learn.

Nothing, just a dropp of water,
Not enough to stop this thirst.
Death will come as my life is getting shorter
But my misery is coming to its worst.
It seems that days are getting longer,
And I stay awake all night.
This pain is not making me stronger. I'm battling an unbeatle fight.

It was just a tiny spec
I think it's gone away.
My chance but I will not let
My world turn into day.
Because whenever I let it shine
It always dissapoints me.
The darkness will always twine,
Untill I cannot breathe.

James Aguilar 21 February 2009

Wow I can see your pain. Don't let it conquer you. I didn't. its best to conquer it. Wonderfull poem i love it. Its well detailed. Outstanding craftmanship.10

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LOVEFOOL Aka 21 February 2009

Very dark and disturbing never give up you are far to talented for that 10+

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