Its Funny How Poem by Heather Noble

Its Funny How

Rating: 4.2

Its funny how hello is always accompanied with good-bye
Its funny how remembering good memories can make you cry
Its funny how forever never seems to really last
Its funny how much you'd lose if you forgot your past
Its funny how friends can just leave you when you're down
Its funny how when you need someone there never around
Its funny how people can change and think there so much betta
Its funny how many lies can be packed into one love letta
Its funny how people can forgive even tho they cant forget
Its funny how one night can catain of so much regret
Its funny how crazy and ironic life turns out to be
but the funniest part of all is that none of that seems funny to me

Its Funny How
Jennifer Johnson 17 November 2011

.....10/10 i'd recommend this to anybody.

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Mari Velazco 11 August 2009

that is so true and i can tell you from experience

26 12 Reply
Kelly Allen Vinal 11 November 2005

With a little work, this could be one great piece! Well done!

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Johnson Onibokun 15 October 2008

It is a very beautiful piece of art work portraying the reality of life. Well done.

15 16 Reply

a truly profound and realistic poem this is..marvelously done amazing write

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ian 23 February 2021

funny how i laughed even though it aint funny

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Millie 08 June 2018

This poem, made my eyes fill with tears because it’s true one night can lead to so much regret and no one will ever be here for ever ????????

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Andrew 21 May 2018

not trying to be mean but all the its need an apostrophe

5 4 Reply
chloe 12 May 2018

lol weird whys is it so funny

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Janvi Angad rai 14 March 2018

The poem is very funny.

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