Jesus Christ I'M Not Scared To Die... Poem by David Knox

Jesus Christ I'M Not Scared To Die...

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Jesus Christ I'm not scared to die
but I'm a little scared what comes before
will I sin, will i commit that which you abhor?
can i stay strong and true, or defy
you, even you my God and my first love
will i succumb to desire and lust or set my heart on things above?
I do not fear death
I practically long for that day on which I draw the last breath
when I finally see you face to face
but can I be a good example for as long as I live?
or will I fall from grace
and yet what can I do you shall not forgive?
I pray to you my Lord that you give me strength
to continue to follow you, because what i fear most
is not the sting of death, but the length
I must strive to follow you without being morose
but sharing your love and joy and gospel
to save the world from hell
but i don't trust myself
Jesus Christ I'm not scared to die
but I'm a little bit scared what comes before...

Prince Obed de la Cruz 10 February 2010

i am scared to die as of now, but of course if death is for something worth dying for(mostly in the time that i need to choose God or the world) and sweetness it shall promise me... i think i won't be scared.... But of course even today i must not be scared.... i need to teach myself...... i'm almost not scared totally.... anyway, nice write.... i think i rated this one 10....

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