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January 1st,2015

Rating: 4.8

When 2014 accelerates its final days, then A new 2015 will be on our doors... All of us know what has happened in That 2014's days and nights clearly... Everyone saw those passing days like those Passing clouds that came over one's head... 2014 is still here with almost three days left For it to expire and to go without any chance To return with all of its happiness and its unhappiness... A year passes slowly and quickly to all of us, but We have witnessed a lot of happy and unhappy incidents in it... What we need only from the new year is a new hope That brings us all that we all love and all that we all wish... We want from that passing year -2014- to leave our stage Smoothly allowing that new year -2015- to be welcomed by us... We hope that this new and coming year to bring us All that we have missed anytime, anywhere, and everywhere... We are now buying a new year and we are selling A passing year that will be only history to what happened... A good-bye to 2014 and a happy welcome to that new year 2015 Hoping all people on earth a new, a brilliant, and a wonderful year... ______________________________________________________________________A happy new year to Raneem and to all her friends. ______________________________________________________________________

Sunday, December 28, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: hope
Mj Lemon 29 December 2014

Very well done! Each new year brings with it so much hope, and renews our optimism. Happy New Year!

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