Jayanta Mahapatra As An Imagist

As he is an Oriya first and foremost
Then an Indian
So is he an imagist first
Then a litterateur,
For whom image and imagery
The range and purview of taking
Without giving in his reactions,
Whatever be that, good or bad,
A poet of images,
Still photos,
With the changing scenery.

Sometimes existential, sometimes nihilistic,
Sometimes absurd and of in vain waiting,
Coming and going,
Why is he doing,
He cannot,
A writer of verses
Disturbing and obscure
Who writes it not
For meaning's sake.

Saturday, May 17, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: Art
Leslie Philibert 17 May 2014

I get a bit lost here, as I do not know the poet. The Imagists were a group of poets, Ezra Pound was briefly a member..

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Leslie Philibert 17 May 2014

Got a bit lost here, as I don`t know who Mahapatra is. The Imagists were a group of poet, who published a small amount of work just before or during the first World War. Pound was briefly a member, as well as Lawrence and others. So I don`t follow you here..

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