Jesus Poem by Alicia Gail Lightsey


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There was a man he walked the earth
Placed in a manger, born a virgin birth
Gave sight to the blind, turned water into wine
Gave grace upon grace to all mankind
He glorified the Father for he was the light
In parables he taught with spiritual insight
He walked on water and calmed stormy sea
He came as a servant to save you and me
The faithful reached out to touch his hem
He blessed their faith by healing them
John said he would come-that he was the one
From Heaven above: the Only Begotten Son
Tempted by Satan, he would not be moved
The Son of God had nothing to prove
If he commanded the mountains to move, it was done
Satan was deception; Jesus; God's Holy Son
Satan promised the world but couldn't deliver
Because God, his Father, was the only giver
Jesus rebuked him; get behind me Satan he said
I will worship God, and you devil I will never serve
He preached by the rivers where multitudes confessed
He performed miracles, healed, saved and blessed
He cast out demons, made the cripple walk again
Jesus died to save the world his precious blood paid for our sin
He met a woman at Jacob's well, he asked for a drink
And in doing so, caused the woman to think
She said 'I am Samaritan; you are a Jew'
Jesus replied: 'ask and I'll give living water to you
By the gift of God, you will never thirst again
As you drink eternal life from the well within'
He spoke of her life; she was amazed that he knew
The things Jesus told her she knew were true
God is spirit-come worship Him in spirit and truth
This message will be heard by both golden and youth
Be obedient to God's word and let's-let our lights shine
Let's leave Godlike footprints for others to find
Let us respect, encourage and be kind to each other
As God builds the Kingdom of Heaven let's love one another

Friday, September 23, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: spiritual
Spock The Vegan 23 September 2016

Wonderful rendition from the New Testament of the Holy Bible.

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