Oh Mama - Oh Daddy Poem by Alicia Gail Lightsey

Oh Mama - Oh Daddy

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Oh Mama, you was the one who carried me
And Father it was through you and Mama I came to be
And Oh Mama, it was your hands that wiped away my tears
Your dedicated ways Daddy, carried me through the years
Your arms, your hips, Oh Mama, it was your feet and hands
You came a running and satisfied all my cries and demands
In my hopes and dreams Mama and Daddy please believe in me
I need your encouragement and support so my dreams will come to be
God planted a great treasure, he placed it deep within my heart
It holds my life, my future, please Mama, please Daddy do your part
There will be times when I can't find my way back home
Your wise words will lead and guide down whatever road I roam
Your love will be a shining light along life's ever changing way
I will think of you each day when I give thanks to God and pray
Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie, Uncle, Foster Parents and teachers I NEED YOU
Teach me right from wrong, to be Godlike, kind and true
I will make you proud, I'll serve you right
Like a star in the night, I'll shine so bright
Oh Mama - Oh Daddy your love goes a long, long way
Write on your heart these words I say to you today
For tomorrow is the future and as they say time is flying by
If you will give these tools to me, I will never make you cry
I am someone very special and so are each and everyone of you
Let's all strive to be the best at whatever it is we do
We each have our own roles to play
With our own wings we can fly away
Wish us well as we spread our wings to fly
Teach us well then watch us touch the sky

Tuesday, August 9, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: children
This poem was written in the am hours on 6/25/2009, for the children at 2nd Street School in Los Angeles, California. This poem was requested by their teacher Ms. Delores Cheeks. As the children marched in they sung 'We Are The World' and 2 hours later Michael Jackson went to be with the Lord.
Tom Billsborough 09 August 2016

Having read the poet's note, This is a very pleasing piece. I hope the children learn to value their parents and never be afraid to ask for support when it is needed. There is a great well of unconditional love available if we only ask. Liked it a lot, Alicia. Tom Billsborough

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