Jesus Coming To America Poem by Randy McClave

Jesus Coming To America

I wonder if Jesus walked to the U.S border
Would they stop him with threats or even a court order,
I wonder if he would be seen and treated as a murderer or a rapist
Before, he entered into the great state of Texas.
If Jesus was coming into the U.S by way of Mexico
I wonder if the U.S government would ban him or let them go,
I am wondering if he'd be hated because of his dark skin
And would they see his hair and beard as filth and sin.
When they care about the clothes that he had wore
Would they quickly refuse his entrance because he was poor,
I wonder if they'd laugh at him when asked why he was there
And him saying for love, and salvation and prayer.
When Jesus spoke Aramaic would the border patrol be angered
Would they shout unto him that English is what is standard,
And when they see the scars on his wrists and on his forehead
Would they then wondered from what gang he had fled.
What if a governor had instead put him on a bus
And deciding to send him and his disciples somewhere without a fuss,
Just because he was not from our land
But, like all of us he was created my God's mighty hand.
I wonder if they would had asked Jesus if he had a job
Or was he just coming into the U.S to sell drugs or to rob,
The citizens of this country aren't here to help the poor and the damned
I wonder if Jesus would then say, "But, I am".

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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