'Jesus' Feet' Poem by Whitney Albright

'Jesus' Feet'

Rating: 5.0

Though last nights prayer
Brought on deep conversation
I found myself
In a sleep aspiration

Centuries ago in Bethany
Where Lazarus was raised
Six days before Passover
He came to be praised

They hosted a supper
Martha served
Awed by Christ
I couldn’t help but to observe

Oh, I was a sinner
My life benighted
And to this supper
I was uninvited

I couldn’t help but step inside
And bring my ointment jar
I told him with bright eyes
Christ, 'I want to be where you are! '

So, then and there I fell
Fell beside him on my knees
And let the ointment
Wash his soft, smooth feet

I was so gentle
As I watched dirt smear
I washed them so merciful
That I began to bathe them in tears

My sins of scarlet turned to snow
And then he caught my eye
For I used my long hair
To pat his feet dry

I kissed them on their tops
And let him get back to dining
But no one could over look
Those precious feet shining

And when we all get to heaven
Do not look for me in the street
For if you want to find me
I’ll be at Jesus’ feet

Linda Winchell 16 December 2008

A VERY beautiful sight for sure! Ten and Ten! ! God's Blessings, God's Servant, Linda

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Vinod Kumar 29 December 2008

Divine sentiment Poem Excellent expression, Oh! God, Thank you Whitney for the great work,10++

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 28 December 2008

Had i been present at the time of christ, I would have wash his feet with my heart's blood in a trice................ Good write.................

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Kesav Easwaran 18 December 2008

so beautiful a write in perfect devotionally poetic style...artful imaginative piece... soothing to read, Whitney...10+

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Kimber Harrison 18 December 2008

That's so amazing! I loved it!

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Sebastine Humaemo 17 December 2008

Awesome write......God's daughter always..................sebastine....

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