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As I look into your eyes,
and smile at thier gleam,
my heart fills with joy,
until it's bursting at it's seams.

We take from God,
the gifts he gives,
and give nothing in return.
Not a prayer of thanks,

A million tears I cry,
why can't at least one take away the pain?
A million fears I hide,
why can't, at least one, my heart face?

I'm crazy, fun, and cool, but not perfect.
My life is spent doing the things I want,
but it's not perfect.
My faith in God is the size of a mustard seed,

When the clouds are grey,
and the wind is cold,
my heart will be sunny,
and white clouds will unfold.

A noise in the distant,
partnered with a light,
brings chills on my arms,
and gives my heart a fright.

The wind holds the dew,
down on the tree tops.
And the thunder rolls,
with a lighting shot.

ON a road to nowhere,
Time is standing still.
Life is moving by,
But my heart is out of will.

What a friend you are to me,
as you always are these days.
You've touched my heart and changed my soul,
in so many amazing ways.

Why, God, Why!
Did you let my heart die!
Why am I crying?
Why did I start that fight!

Oh, what little I have,
to give to you this day.
My heart is aching and my hands are shaking,
and I'm thinking hard on what to say.

I flew tonight,
in the clouds up above.
And I danced with the angels,
and ran with the sun.


When happiness never comes,
when hope walks out the door,
when you've finally given up,
when you can't take anymore.

Who am I,
if not me?
Who else is there,
for me to be?

Metal on metal,
Rod on rod.
My heart is covered,
and I feel no God.

Words are hard to find,
Almost impossible to seek,
To describe who you were,
Who you helped me be.

A thousand lies, A thousand lies
They came at me,
from all sides.

Stress pulls me down,
and nerves wrot my core,
as I think about the future,
and all the open doors.

God gave me love,
I gave Him back faith.

God gave me compassion,

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! ! ! PLEASE READ! IMPORTANT (well kind of important) INFORMATION HELD! ! ! ! ! Before you read my poems, realize that half of them are NOT based on real life experiences. I'm twelve. I have no idea what love feals like beyond a school crush. I've always had God, so I don't know how it feels without him. This stuff is coming from...well, I don't even know where. It just comes; I don't question it. ummm...well...if my poems reflect in any way how I think people should act, then I am the biggest hypocryte who has ever walked this earth. And I am sorry if it looks that way. But I don't want people to think I am some saint because of the poems I write. Like I said above, these poems are not baised off real experiences (for the most part) , and while I do think this is how everyone (me included) should act, I don't always. I seriously want to make that clear. Anyway, I guess I've talked enough. Please, enjoy my poems, and if that's an impossiblity, I at least hope you gain something helpful from them. Bless you all!)

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The Unexplainable

As I look into your eyes,
and smile at thier gleam,
my heart fills with joy,
until it's bursting at it's seams.

For what love is greater,
than the love I hold for you?
No poem or song or sonnet
will ever express what I feel in truth.

And nothing will ever show,
my heart in such a way,
that words could explain,
the love that's pounding through my veins.

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