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For your passing, the lonely road waits
to feel your perfumed flavour, the breeze do waits

To make a merry dance for you, fresh leaves keep waits

Everything I touch ends in fail
and it pains me like I am pricked with a nail
I used to think why it happens for a while
but my thoughts goes on endless like a river nile

When everyone in this world gone to sleep
she is the only soul who awaken's from her bed
As she walks the lonely road
her dark shadow seen crawling on the wall

In a hour I will die
thats what you.... asked me to do
never you think its my first time
am going to die for you

lying alone on the shore
counting the stars above
tears glides down
cursing the days which sepearted us two

It was a pleasant rainy day
and darkness covered all the way
tender fingers searched my place
and pretty nails brushed all over my face

I still remember the first smile on your face
which gave my heart beat a sudden race
though I couldn't express my love to you
I will be there in your heart forever in you

A pleasant morning it was
with mountains still covered with curtain of snow
under cool breeze with fingers in my pocket
was walking admiring the nature bit slow

Under the dim candle light
with my diary clutched tight
your fingers ran on my poetic lines
and you started reading the secret of my mind

When the day I met you in my life
everything around me felt so nice
each day my heart awaited your message
and your voice gave my life a new passage

Hurry hurry mom just scolds
seeing my exam feared face
funny funny funny...sister laughs and shouts
idiot idiot idiot.. dad says and pushes me out

I...............get only few hours a week to meet you
just..........for a while my eyes admire and adore you
want........ to be with you always
to............share my love and care

Dark clouds coverd the skies
Heavy rain filled the nights
Beside the stream of unclean water
As a dropped flower I just laid

I look at my face in the mirror
I just wonder why Iam not yet free
while most just change their real character
why I should be the same letting others laugh at me

None can see a pretty baby angel like I saw
for she is the only one who got heart full of love
small or big for all...she cares the same
and she got the prettiest name for ever humaemo

My mom used to have me close and tight over her waist
and for the whole day we used to be under sun's face
I don't know why mom keep on knocking at car door's on the road
besides most of the people from inside stare at her and scold

You are the only living angel on earth
and for sure none is as beautiful as you by birth
whenever you cross me I could feel your pleasant breeze
which push my heart beat to a sudden freeze

Ble ble bleeee...ble ble bleeeee
this is the song from a honey bee
day and night I fly high
in search of honey, I go seperated from my hive

Was walking, with silent thoughts in my mind
am sure we both gonna have a hot talk again
for all the questions He gonna fire at me
am going to stand without answers for sure

I couldn' t forget the best eve in my life
with my face on your laps seeing your eyes
tears rolling down your lips
seemed to be your lovable soul at the edge of a cliff

Sebastine Humaemo Biography

.....a soul born in india.....growing up making others's walking alone in the rain and admiring the nature...feels good when being alone, and that makes me busy penning down some lines in the name of poems....reading it funny people say i am a I? ...yu got to say that, once you gone thr ma mad lines n te nxt pages....never expect my poems to bring smile on ur face, ofcourse t a poet in my style...i like my words to make you feel n get urself involved, while yu goin thr ma lines...n i believe thts a poet s credit...n so i am.... though i always like seein smile on peoples face who cross a human, i too like sharin their pain n tears besides smile...cos at times you will see tears are too good than smile...hard to believe but its true... As forgiveness and sacrifice became ma daily habit..still ma soul and mind always waits for a sweet revenge for few whom i came across...but mild whisphr always hits my ears saying forget and forgive cos tht's makes a man different from others...and i smile thinkin t..cos people say am different........Am i? ...... many say they want to be like me n their next birth....lot of them shower me with their love n care...creamy words and credit...though i was given two hands to live with...i see many fight to walk beside me life long holdin ma palm.....somehow or someway everythin suddenly vanish and i become alone and calm.... which makes me to smile again....couldn judge God's plan...cos though he makes me come across a new one to walk with often...He never makes one stay for long....guess He like's me to share ma love and care for many n not for few....funny isnt t? .. ...........never mind who you are....good or bad you did to free to hear my song...cos it always goes wit my love and care..same for all till my life long.....God bless always.. comment at.....

The Best Poem Of Sebastine Humaemo

For My Valentine............

For your passing, the lonely road waits
to feel your perfumed flavour, the breeze do waits

To make a merry dance for you, fresh leaves keep waits
to be crushed by your heels, even the dry leaves also waits

For your gentle touch, the flowers also waits
to share its brightness first with you, the sun do waits

To run on your velvet skin, even the dew drops still waits
to be felt and tasted by you, honey drops on the flower also waits

To sing the morning song for you, even the birds still waits
for not disturbing your sleep, without stricking six the clock do waits

To warm you with a pleasant bath, heavenly water keep waits
to wipe your wet skin after shower, Angels feathers do waits

To cover your divine body, years long weaved fabric do waits
to fill your day with flavour, rare mountain orchid also waits

To reflect you face, lucky crystal clear mirror do waits
to keep you fine all through your life, blessed mass in church also waits

To make this day pleasant for ever, divine bagatelle also waits
to cheer and make you smile, Angels dressed in white do waits

To read your name both in Heaven and Earth, even GOD also waits
to share their gifts and bouquet, Heavenly Saints do waits

In this long queue, with a single rose in hand a soul also waits
Its's me.........waiting to ask.....can you be my Valentine? ...........

Love sebastine.........

Sebastine Humaemo Comments

Tess Macapagal 22 May 2009

TINE... like your poems very much, , , well written.thank you for sharing your poems... my life changes because of your poems. hope will friend yah...

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brittany 14 January 2009

nice job with all your lines... you are really great! thanks for sharing all your work! i like you autobiography lol really good and it made me think about you more :) as a person you seem more than what i read from your poems..... good job in everything you do best wishes, brittany

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Nia Riz 24 December 2008

i love your poems sebastine...they are really nice...some are too long...while your shortest are the sweetest....specially th one about not having a it!

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