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If seeing is believing, then I'm more than would have known,
To see my words down in print, now written in this poem.

If seeing is believing, then I see clearer then once did,

I promise to quit smoking soon
I'm down to a pack and a half.
And when I do, I pledge to me and you
I will never, I'm never ever going back!

There's an old wooden chair by the roses,
Where my Daddy went and sat.

He would go there every morning,

Crawled under the house to retrieve
something's that I had fogotten.
While I took them out, I sorted and found
that most of what I'd stored, was damp and rotten.

I have a love I would die for
and they say their love is real.
Would they step in front of an arrow shot?
for this love they proclaim for me to feel.

Everyday I try to pull a little more
Of those weeds that pop up in my life.
Not knowing how they all got there
It seems… of endless dredge and strife.

An oyster first forms a pearl
from the irritation of a single grain of sand.
It's never placed by mistake inside you see
it was placed by God's gentle Loving hand.

You tell me that you love me
then you slap me to the ground.
You said until death do we part
your words now, are so profound.

If I could live to be a hundred years
Or maybe two hundred more.
Would I have accomplished... all I really wanted too?
Than I have maybe... in all of my eighty-four?

We poet's need, his or her outlet!
Where we can write down the words that clutter up our minds.
It is a curse to have such a talent
placing ones feelings, of words sometimes in rhyme.

If I were to write a song for you
it would I think... be written in my tears.
For the love I feel is Oh so deep
It has now been... for many a year.

“I Must Tell You This Story'

I have, A Story I Must Tell!
Of a Prince who lived so long ago.

What determines our destiny to be?
What we become, futures predestined to see.
Where will roads lead untill it all ends?
Destiny calling, live's for some predestined to spend.

Never does a mother forget, that miracle of birth,
It stays within her memory,
With the last and with her first.

Have I ever told you that, 'You're the best? '
And how much your friendship means to me,
Well I hope you know, it goes without saying,
Those unspoken words you see!

I heard an old Beatle's song played
while at a dinner function last night.
The speaker that played it for us
was using it to illustrate her fight.

Why is the hole that my father dug
worth more when it's being dug today?
It still is the same size from what I've seen
and the same amount of dirt they haul away!

Don't write much these days,
Did your P.C. break or did you give it away?

I remember the days, way back when,

If you're looking for a shoulder to rest your head
Then please, I'm your man.

If you're feeling that your loads to heavy to carry

I can't eat anything at all these days
I seem to be allergic to it all!
I can't have any dairy products
you know what that does to us all?

Linda Winchell Biography

I was born on the South side of Chicago in the forties. I am now married and living on a farm in a small town in Concord Michigan. Was many things growing up, but have always been passionate about writing poetry and childrens' books and the love of God. I love animals and nature and as you can see in my Poetry, they are some of my inspiration. No spell check on this site, maybe they need to put one on it? I love to bake and cook and clean. And power walking and walks in the woods keep me healthy. I do not smoke or drink, but love to dance! I love to joke around and sing too. I pray for all the world. And if this includes you, GREAT! 'Thank you God! ' May God bless you and all of your days be filled with sunshine and the Love of life. It is all we have! One Day at a time! God's Servant, Linda Winchell)

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' If Seeing Is Believing'

If seeing is believing, then I'm more than would have known,
To see my words down in print, now written in this poem.

If seeing is believing, then I see clearer then once did,
For all this life was given, was all I needed then to live.

If seeing is believing, I then see what God did want?
Accomplishing all I was formed to be, in my daily walks and haunts.

If seeing is believing, then why don't others view?
The same it is my eyes have seen, making better of a you?

If seeing is believing, worlds and nations then would be
Living in peace and harmony, for more than just centuries.

Some views are blurred and foggy, not as I would pray they be.
But still I hope and ask my Lord, they might believe in what I see.

Linda Winchell Comments

Dingram 27 August 2021

would like to use your poem You took my space at church today in the church nesletter, I do not know how to get a copyright permission.

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Anne Kershner 04 June 2017

I have The Quilt of Holes on my computer from 2007. I notice you have copyrighted a very similar version in 2009. Do you have any idea who wrote the original?

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Dennis Tan 15 January 2009

Despite your being a 'prolific' poet, your poems are truly poetic - some of the best that have crossed my path so far on this site!

5 1 Reply
Louis Rams 09 November 2008

p.s i read a pearl of irritation and a smokers pledge-you hit the nail on the head. i give them both a 10

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