Josayy Poem by Jamelia Lane


Tears stung the corners of my eyes

From what i'd heard to my surprise

You say you love me you say you care

But everytime i look up your never there

I 'm going crazy dont know what to do

All i really want is love form you

I'm hurt scared and pleading

But inside my heart is bleeding

bruised, broken & battered

Thing i feel inside that i think dosent really matter

in the positon to pray

on my knees i ask god for a better day

you give me great people and i push the away

iam very sorry dont mean it that way

i really need you if you only knew

Afriad, anxious my fright level grew

I ran away and hid from you

i want your love and your embrace

it just hard to tell you to your face

I'm scared to know you of love you

afriad you will leave me like the other two

i dont know how to handle love

not used to it so i push and shove

shove you away becuase i cant believe it

my heart has fallen and i havent retrieved it

cant believe you love me and you care

it's to much for my mind to bear

it gets me nervous and even a scare

you dont understand

i need you help i need your hand!

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