(.....July24) The Partnership Poem by Max Reif

(.....July24) The Partnership

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I could say the partnership
begins when my day begins,
but in fact it's as 24/7
as an all-night diner.

I have partners who made
the mattress and the bed
my body rests on at night,
and some of my partners in China
wove the pajamas I wear.

Partners worked
to create the toothbrush
and the shaver
I greet the morning with
while looking in the mirror,
and the mirror itself,

and of course the computer
I check in with
was a global affair
in design and manufacture.

For breakfast I cook
the eggs a farmer gathered
and a trucker transported
to the supermarket, and the oatmeal
grown somewhere in the Midwest
and processed here in California,
and I have a banana picked a few days ago
by my campanero
partners in Central America.

A little later,
I get in my Mazada,
and I need not describe
the partnership of minds and bodies,
in time and space,
it took the human spirit
to put me behind the wheel —
and all that's before 10 AM.

A profound thank you
to all my unseen partners,
who sustain me
every minute of the day and night,
and a wish
that my own contribution
somehow pulls my weight.

Ernestine Northover 23 July 2007

Hey, this is a great 'Thankyou' poem Max. What a wonderful thought, it really makes one think of all this going on across the world. Mind you they did it for the money ut they have to survive too. Loved it. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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Original Unknown Girl 23 July 2007

What a unique way of looking at life but a very imaginative one, I enjoyed this, will make me think about all of the partners that I have in my everyday world. Great write Max. HG: -) xx

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Raynette Eitel 23 July 2007

Max, this is such a tender, kind idea...that we'partner' with all those folks who make our life more comfortable. Nice thought. Raynette

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Max Reif

Max Reif

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