(....02aug) As My Recovery Progresses Poem by Max Reif

(....02aug) As My Recovery Progresses

Rating: 3.5

A little while ago
I came down to the computer
in the early morning light,
strong as a lumberjack
in a forest of redwoods,

read a few poems,
and in the shadow
of my conscious mind
felt the seeds
of something great
beginning to sprout.

Now, after answering
a little correspondence,
I already feel the need
to go back to bed,
and I'm fumbling
through these papers
on my desk

wondering how
you can misplace
a whole epic?

Alison Cassidy 11 August 2007

Max this is wonderful. So clear and uncluttered with a smiling self deprecation that is very appealing. I love your poetry. It says so much about you. love, Allie xxxx

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Raveendran . 05 August 2007

That which sprouts induces sleep and then this, enjoyable piece!

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Joseph Daly 02 August 2007

This is great Max. In itself an epic. It is the type of works that attracted me to you in the begining. You have certainly trimmed down your approach and, in doing so, have found a stronger voice. This is a great example of that.

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Colin J... 02 August 2007

It's easy, you're drunk, you have short-term memory loss, I have both off these, , , Great Poem.. Colin J...

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Oh Max this sou resounds! I do the same of course. Internally an epic going on (though there is always the distinct possibility that it might have turned out as sheer crap) . And then the messages.... yep..... all those tossed around lines of a few moments ago lost into oblivion. Love it. t x

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Max Reif

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