Just Another Day With Alzheimers Poem by Katherine Perry

Just Another Day With Alzheimers

Rating: 4.5

Another day and another year
But tell me when yesterday was
For I've started to forget
So I'm left with this fear
I do not know what tomorrow does

I am now thinking but cannot say
And my words do not say what I mean
So here I am with another day
Now some things are not what they seem

I will talk about things familiar to me
But lately I cannot remember what's what
So I try hard to go with the things I see
Then finding myself lost in a rut

Someone please tell me a story from long ago
Just one, then maybe I'll start to remember
Maybe a reminder of the seeds I've sown
Then making me feel like a winner

By the way, what is today
And do I care with what it brings
For there is only one way that I can say
That will come to me when I sing

Now the sun is gone
As the night moves on as I stare at the lights
so bright
Then over and over again, I wonder what I did
While amazed at the beauty in the sky's night

No more wishing on a falling star
And no more dreams coming true
For everything to me is way too far
Left with thoughts that make me feel blue

As I wander the streets not familiar to me
I will pray for one more time
To someday be with God and see what he can see
Before my mind runs out of time

Oh dear God, I have forgotten even you
But somehow my heart still shows me the way
Then to try and remember all the things I cannot do
But with you, I know everything will come back to me

Saturday, October 18, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: life
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