Growing Pains

Rating: 4.7

I was a child
Beguiled and fresh
Of innocents and new
Who played like many
With trust and hope
For the future that would be new
But unlike many
I broke in two
A rag doll in despair
And knew not of the
Wrong been done
To a child of one so young
Suppressed I learned
So young in life
Of what not to share
Love, life and Happiness
Were things to me not real
I walked around half dead half live
Thinking alas is this my life
And every day I cried in vain
Crying I want to take my life
But life for me continued
In suffering and pain
Never really sharing

All that I had gained
Life can take its ups and downs
For me more so the downs
But then I learned to look for hope
That carried me to higher ground
So from childhood to teenage years
To young adult I grew
With all those years of doubt and shame
Suppressed with in my pain
The burden I carried for so many years
Turned to hatred and pain
So for many years my anger
Took me through a life of pain
Of self doubt and helplessness
So I always hide my pain
You learn to live you bare the pain
Of all that life can give
Then grow into a women
That your burdens you bare alone
But now I stand before you
A women of today
Learning, Love, Life and Happiness
And this time for me it’s real
And with open arms I learn
To share my love once again
With all my family and Friends
I say thanks once again.

Kayode Peter Ogunleye 03 September 2014

Nice piece well express, no condition is permanent. Weeping may last for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. At last she got fulfill

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Naida Nepascua Supnet 01 November 2011

it is nice to know that though she had lived in pain as a child, she finally found happiness as a woman and may she continuously live with it till she runs out of breath salute

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Marcus Mckinley 16 October 2011

i understand the angst in your poem. without being to critical i think the first stanza could use a little line rearrangement with the breaks. and the second stanza's over use of the word 'pain'. other then that i like the concept of finding your happy place in life again.

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George Bernard Hough 13 October 2011

I think you expressed yourself and your` thoughts very well and I could feel for the person and sense the situation. Well Done

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Ency Bearis 27 September 2011

Lovely reminiscence well presented poetically

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