Kelly Poem by Steve Armstrong


I'd forgotten all about you,
A distant memory,
I thought of you sometimes,
The vague memories in my head.

I was happy in life now,
I had found someone,
Someone who loved me,
Someone whom I loved back.

Well, it was a day like any other,
The long, hard drag of work,
Followed by the delight of going to the supermarket,
Two days before Christmas eve.

I rounded the corner, p*ssed off,
Bumped into a trolley by accident,
I looked up to see who I'd hit,
I couldn't believe my eyes,
There you were, as beautiful as ever,
And even more of a woman now.

I tried to blank it from my head,
But you were so kind to me,
Smiling and talking sweetly,
And, your little girl, clinging to your leg,
playing peek-a-boo with me.
God she was so sweet,
Just like you.

The tears pricked my eyes as you went.
Funny really, when we met, you weren't really bothered,
Preferred to hang with your mates,
Maybe you saw me as a bit geeky?
Funny how time changes things,
I grew up, became fashionable.
But still, I would take you back in an instant.
Oh Kelly.

Vanessa Brown 21 April 2006

aww steve this poem's so sad, its so full of wistful nostalgia for the past - i hope that if this poem applies to your state of mind that you get happy soon: o) xx

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