I Yearn For You Poem by Steve Armstrong

I Yearn For You

Can you not see, I yearn for you?
My heat leaps into my mouth when you walk by,
the fires of passion, burn under my skin,
the colour drains from my face,
my heart beats so fast, i feel i will explode.

Of course you cannot see,
for I am silent, not daring to speak,
for fear of rejection, of riddicule.
I am unnoticed by you,
I just meld with the background imagery,
not really here.

How can they find it so easy?
These other girls, they flirt and tease with you,
and you, you flirt and tease back!
But they do not mean it,
they do not love you like I do.

I dream of you at night, you know.
I dream that one day, just maybe,
you'll come and take me in your arms,
and we'll run away together,
and be happy, no matter what people say.

But then, i wake, and realise its all a dream,
and the tears sting my eyes as they fill,
the saltwater drops fall,
fall like my dreams,
fall like my heart,
fall like me.

Vanessa Brown 21 April 2006

awww how sad: o(ive felt like that before, that someone walks by and never spares you a glance, and it makes you feel so horrible. hope she falls for u to stop you falling into the dark: o)

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Ernestine Northover 05 December 2005

A dream of rejection - it bites at our immortal souls. Well written. Love Ernestine XXX

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Amberlee Spurling 04 December 2005

haha good poem...read mine about 'Do You Want Me'...i think that would fit nicly

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