My Ocean's Sun Poem by Aba Radical

My Ocean's Sun

My Ocean's Sun

Today I speak of two people
The Sun and the Ocean
Though it is the Sun's request
I aim at granting
As for me, I am just a land.

I know and love the Ocean so well
I hate the space between us
Even though ideally there shouldn't be any
Because all oceans have lands beneath them.
I hated that space until recently
when I realised that
'Yɛ yi wo bɛbi a kɔ bɛbi'
'Firi sɛ kuro adɔɔso a'
'Yɛntena faako ngye animguaseɛ'
(A man must have the courage to explore other lands when he fails in one.)

I've left the figurative Ocean's storm
Of unintentional yet consistent repulsion
And settled for the literal ocean
Who will always be on me
And at certain points claim more of me
In the name of tsunamis
But at least there will be no space between us.
Even the see barriers will not be of no hindrance to him.

I know not much of the Sun
but I know it can shine so hard
The devil might consider repentance
At the comparison of it's heat to hell.
The Sun's eyes are so small yet so bright
I know he is probably pissed at me
For taking this long to grant his wish
But there is another sun bigger than him
And she is trying to dry up my figurative Ocean
It could be that I'm just insecure
Or i just do not feel loved anymore
Like the ocean claims it does.

In the evening when the sun is about to go to rest
He makes my Ocean's horizon look like
The angel he is not; beautiful
Andthen delegate his powers to the moon
To take over for a while.

Unfortunately when the sun goes to rest
That is when I have more than enough time
To think of the pain.
I know the Ocean is beautiful
But if a stay too long I'll drown
I have to let go of him
I have to let go of the Ocean before I drown
I knew I wouldn't be among
The top five of his priority list forever
After all I am the land
And he is the Ocean
I' m always beneath
And he is always on top
While the sun is above us
Well, if he is the ocean
and is always on top
what number on his priority list
Did I expect to be other than beneath
I am his land
But he doesn't want to be my Ocean
The sun feels I'm the Oceans baby
But I'm uncomfortable with his feelings.
The Sun is for all of us, or is it?
I just want to look at the see and see the beach and not that Ocean!

Aba Radical
The Photographer of Thoughts
Fb: Mercy Aba Blankson
Twitter: @aba radical
IG: Aba Radical
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Thursday, May 30, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: love
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