What I Have Been Told... Poem by Aba Radical

What I Have Been Told...

What i have been told…

I have been told what poetry is
And what it is not
Its description could pass for icy heat
Meaning it is not always hot
It's as common as a cold but cannot always be caught
It is flaming lines covered in stanzas of snowed thoughts

A rough visualization of a subject
Poetry like saponification brings to bare the ills of the heart
It symmetrically balances dreams and realities in life
Poetry is more viscous than your mother's condensed milk
And more satisfying than your father's will
It is breathing life into words
And giving purpose to ink
A writing machine that compresses
Floodgates of powerfully emotional problems
Into aftermaths of leaving the reader in deep solution thinking

Beauty is pain and pretty also hurts
But poetry is beautifully pretty without those
A silhouette of alphabets
An outline of incomplete sentence
That makes complete sense
Words dipped in contrast of deeper reasoning
And pain exposed from the shadows

It doesn't have to follow the rules of grammar and construction
Meaning Microsoft word will underline them in blue,
Red and green before I give them to you
It's a division of ideas called stanzas
With lines making much meaning with a few words
It is not always filled with the poetic pattern of a rhyming scheme
All it needs is just meter and rhythm

It uses poetic devices to give beauty to the present
And even though Ayi Kwei Armah says
That the beautiful ones are not yet born
Poetry is literature and literature is life
That beautiful has been born
And that beautiful is poetry

Life is beautiful
Poetry is the color of no lie
Even when it turns black, black is strength
Therefore poetry is beautiful
And that is what I have been told
Poetry never grows old!


…Inspired by Goddy Nana Mens…

Aba Radical
The Photographer of Thoughts
Fb: Mercy Aba Blankson
Twitter: @aba radical
IG: Aba Radical
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Sunday, May 20, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: poetry
Goddy Nana-mens 06 September 2020

I just saw this! It's beautiful. And I see I got a little shoutout at the end. Many many thanks!

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