Kite Flyer Poem by Adrian Antique

Kite Flyer

she knew …
that instead of a piercing needle at its end,
the thin but sturdy thread had me -
a funny shaped, three-colored blend
of blue plastic, brown sticks, and some pale paper from a tree.

and firmly holding on to this trembling string …
were fingers of a wonder whisperer extraordinary -
like a steady flame dressed in white … she was healing
wounded embers … and turning them into glinting pebbles of the sea.

she did sew …
pieces of my longing for home so far away
into a blanket of strength with little stitched stars
designed to warm my darkness with restless specks of day
and to turn emptiness into pages of rain fall and twilight wars.

her needle work ran from one end to another
like fireflies leaving dancing lights on a seashore …
creating a gliding, floating source of laughter -
a fragile kite that's me and my shadow once before.

she threw …
me into the wind though I felt her tremble
as a mother eagle pushing her child to find its wings -
only to smile at majestic feathers reaching for heaven's sparkle
and to watch words turn to angel songs and sweet nothings.

slowly … she gave more length from her heart's bundle
as waves of air from life's mountains came with a loud whistle …
not knowing much yet unafraid, I braved the breeze and drizzle
for more than just a floating leaf, I've become a bunch of roses, violets and thistle.

and she flew …
as I flew … over rainbows, hills and cold, quiet dreams -
aiming for a bit of brilliance amidst my worldly whims …
ever silent but never leaving … just listening to the hymns
of the Lord's faithful presence against the burning beams.

Love is always never ever saying goodbye
even if the line is broken and we didn't really know why …
because many moments ago I was this poem playing with the sky
and you were my fairy godmother teaching me how to fly.

This is written for my Aunt, Doctor Nenita Cabaces, who was my guardian during my College days at the Seminary.
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