That Space In Our Backyard Poem by Adrian Antique

That Space In Our Backyard

One morning as I turned off the lights at the back of our house
I felt the smudge of cold air sprinkle my face with sudden glee
My sleepiness mingling with day's awakening, I slowly browsed
Before me this wide enough space, blank with nothing, I see

Then like the gleam of sunrise joining the unmoving tall shadows
Bursts of colors appeared from nowhere and turned into fire birds
Flying dragons of my dreams softly singing of rainclouds and moonglows
Leaving wandering trails of joy and journey I must turn into words

One noontime after my meal of sweet rice and fish soup and had my fill
I looked for the winged wonders of my vision to reappear
Instead, I saw a barrage of floating flowers circling into a windmill
A spiral towards the brilliant sky sculptured like a tear

Then came those soft, tingling gusts of invisible breeze
Littered with swift, silvery dusts of yellow, orange and red
The space before me turning into a field of grass in rhythmic dancing freeze
Tumbling and swaying to a December song in my head.

One evening I imagined I had this wooden bench to sit and maybe think
So, with the evening star watching I paid that quiet place a sudden visit
Resting myself on its hard floor and stone wall, I stared at heaven's blink
Wide darkness and little embers smiled when countless dreams meet

Love then is what happens to that vacant lot we often almost forget
When out of the blue it transforms into a garden of surprises
With tinges of promise blending with the shade and the sunset
A hidden valley reminding us of our unexpected Christmases

We sometimes find magic in seemingly forgotten spaces.
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