Knocking At My Front Door Poem by Randy McClave

Knocking At My Front Door

I hear a knock, knock, knocking at my front door,
Which awakens me so very early in the morning;
But, to that announcement I vigorously ignore;
As I take that sound as a bad sign and a warning.

Who could that be that is on my front stoop;
Who is that knocking at my door so early in the A.M
Is it just one person, or maybe it is a group;
Who is it that is causing all of this mayhem?

Who could be the person that is disturbing my sleep,
Or who are the people that want to awaken me;
Does someone want me to worry, or cause me to weep,
What do they want of me, to GOD I do plea.

Ring, ring, ring, now goes my doorbell,
It seems like now their strategy has changed;
Maybe it is a terrorist, or maybe it is a rebel,
Or maybe, it is just someone who is deranged.

I peer out my window so I can see who is there;
But, when I look out I cannot see anyone at all,
Maybe they are hiding, or maybe me they want to scare;
So opening my front door, I still nervously stall.

Silence, Silence, Silence that is all that I hear,
As all of the pounding and ringing has now ended,
Now my curiosity has replaced my terror and my fear,
I think maybe the bad people have been apprehended.

So, I ponder as I slowly turn my front doorknob;
While I rethink of the knocking and the ringing of the bell;
It couldn't have been a person to hurt me, or me to rob;
And certainly it wasn't a salesperson with something to sell.

Maybe (I think) it is the delivery of a prize that I have won,
Or maybe, it is someone who is repaying an old forgotten debt,
It could be my mother, or perhaps it might be my son,
I now excitedly open my door; but whomever once was there, now has left.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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