If knowledge is

a 'given':

always let it share.

If knowledge is placed

and desires to seek and hide:

let me always find.

If knowledge:

comes gift wrapped,

let my “mind” be gifted:

when knowledge undresses for me,

and shows me the naked truth.

If knowledge is... the question of

unquestionable light,

may knowledge always,

provide solutions:

which “answers” back too.

If knowledge: is the key for

and the door through,

may knowledge,

always place the key ring in my hand;

when it opens the door,

to my mind and hands me success.

If knowledge is... penetrating:

let my 'curiosity' thrust deeply

when I'm mining gold,

in the “library” of

the librarian's own mind.

If knowledge is... electric:

let knowledge never ever blow a fuse

or be disconnected.

If knowledge also leads too:

let me be guided to “follow” ahead.

If knowledge:

is the sunrise & sunset

to what each day speaks;

let me fully understand and

“acknowledge”: that which is spoken.

If knowledge:

is a lifetime of instruction

of what my life needs,

may all of it touch me

with chemistry,

and tease my imagination,

with an appetite to 'crave' science.

If knowledge: really is

let it always empower/always keep me

willing to do what it takes,

when there's no turn around

and no way out.

If knowledge: is sunken treasure,

inside my teacher's mind,

may I never be afraid to ask questions,

or be too dominating

about drawing-up conclusions,

when I am “claiming” the classroom:

as my private property.

If knowledge:

is love worth finding

and betting my life on it;

may discretion intercept & contracept

with condom knowledge.

If knowledge, is what it says it is:

let me be humbly patient:

as I... receive all of its wisdom.