What If? ? ?

if nothing

is written for,
nothing can be read.

if nothing

is spoken:

that which needs to speak

is never heard or said.

what if...

yesterday was never born,

and today ain't

what tomorrow needs hope for.

what if...

life's hand intentionally hid lies,

so that one's eyes

would need the mind,

to find

and see, what's true to heart.

what if...

it was known, that the FBI

“finds” my poems interesting;

since I wrote the undeletable truth,

that blue-eyed white American dragons:

got busine$$ contracts & Iraqi oil,

while some American soldiers

during the Gulf wars;

got transported home in 'body-bags.'

what if...

I changed the subject

and explain how it is-

to be a NiGGA

on a ghetto reservation;

and know

that this segregated

piece of ground,

may be my only hope.

what if...

black-on-black crime

paid for its own prisons;

and I sentenced myself

to be rehabilitated to use

my mind, to keep crime out.

what if...

'man' lost himself in a crowded bank,

where the congregation,

could not “redeem” the soul

of a blackpreacher'$ church,

because the banker$ were either

Korean, Indian or Jewi$h

grocery store owner$.

what if...

I just wanted to be... me

and the color of my lottery ticket,

was all the integrity, of 'affirmative action, '

and liquor $$$ I ever needed.

what if... what if... what if...

I/was/not/really/who/I/said/I was,

and I found my life,

extremely clever and well informed:

and yours, just a goddamn lie! ! !

what if...

life never had a chance to see;

and became blind,

to all the

special people… with


what if...

this poem never had

strange thoughts of its own,

and loaned your senses

a breath of fresh air,

that your psychiatrist

explained to you,

should actually be medicated.

what if...

poems were homosexually written;

and paid, to stay lesbian quiet,

so that racism, bigotry

and same sex marriage,

could go unnoticed.

what if...

this poem was ordained

to preach sermons;

until you felt the experience

and anointing power of JESUS,


your attorney's spiritual salvation

needed the Judge'$ financial approval.

what if...

man's interpretation

of the bible;

from Genesis to Revelations

was incorrect,

and God gave us another chance,

to cleanse our imperfections,

because he heard

what heretics saw as prophesy.

what if...

I told you,

that while you were dreaming;

my voice attempted to scream

& shout my 'point of view'

into your sleep

until, your eyes touched this poem,

because, I needed you to know

that life itself...

doesn't have to be a cruel piece of fate.

what if...

I explained,


that these words doesn't kill…

the wrong man or kick

the wrong dog.

what if...

I retold,

what my sorrows already

knows about pain,

when grief lays down to fornicate,

inside my beautiful mind

and what is “born, ” is written;

to give birth ugly.

what if...

nothing in life

was racially flavored,

and ended where the question of...

the 'mental health' of these words;

began to answer.

what if... what if... what if...

after your curiosity has read this poem,

(like I personally give a f##k)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

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