Kris Kringle Poem by Wolfgang Steinmann

Kris Kringle

Kris Kringle:

Have a good ev’ning, old and young,
I am well known to everyone

From faraway forests I have come;
It’s Christmas, so says everyone!
And on the top of every fir
I saw golden glitter stir;
And from heaven’s gate above
The Christ-child smiled with endless love;
While through forests dark I roam,
I hear a voice, a silvery tone:
'Kris Kringle', heard I, 'Hey, Old man,
Hurry and move as fast as you can!
The lighting of candles ’s about to start,
And heaven’s doors are wide apart.
Old and young should seek their nest
To find from the daily rush a rest;
I will fly to earth come morn,
For Christmas day, when I was born.'
I said: 'Oh Christ, my Lord so dear
My journey’s end is very near;
Just this town I have to see,
Where children wait for me with glee.'
– 'And have you got the heavy sack? '
I said: 'Its here right on my back:
For children that are nice and sweet
There’s apples, nuts and more to eat.'
– 'And have you got the coals so black? ' *
'The coals I hold behind my back;
But only naughty children do
Find as gift them in their shoe.'
Christ-child said: 'I do believe;
Your way is right; it’s Christmas Eve.'

From faraway forests do I come;
It’s Christmas, so says everyone!
Now say what may in here I find:
Children naughty, children kind?

(after: Theodor Storm: Knecht Ruprecht)

This is a translation of the poem Knecht Ruprecht - Santa's Helper by Theodor Storm
Thursday, April 9, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: christmas
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