La Louve, I Love You!

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It was Country Western yesterday,
and Classical Music on Monday,
the Beatles of the sixties
are a distant memory.

Then you talked
with your velvety sweet voice.
And with humourous seriousness.
To me.

Your arms around my neck,
I could hear your heartbeat,
feel your eyelashes caressing my cheek.

And you said 'I love you'.
And then, you said it again and again.
My ears took it all in
and I could tell they were happy for me.
As they waited for more.

So, with a hoarse voice,
I told YOU.

And saying the words
was like creating an atmosphere of calm
and freshness after a Spring rain.

And it was a confession.
And right then I knew
that the wisdom of our hearts,
which is the mother of our love,
could heal the sick and move any mountain.

But I cannot remember
my words -
only the thoughts preceding them.
So I do want you to know
that every fibre in me
and every atom,
call out in unison:

No greater truth is possible
than my love for you.

Lenchen Elf 12 November 2004

The owl knows the truth H, are you rattling La Louves chain again: -) Lovely poem

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. . 11 November 2004

Wow! Yeah, i know i said that before but...after reading your loses all thought process. :)

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