Lady In The Mist Poem by Elisha De La Rosa

Lady In The Mist

Rating: 5.0

I walk on this land of beauty
For a quest I seek
To find the maiden of my dreams
Love is my belief

Yet, the secrets of this land
Unkown to thee
I encounter the mist
In the land of beauty

The land filled me with wonder, I disbeleave
Paradise with my love
Is what I dream
What do I seek in the mist, a dove?

I see a beauty in the mist
Is this a illusion
Is this the fair maiden I miss
In my dreams i am losing
For if she leaves me I will start breaking

I stand in fear and discourage
afraid this wasn't real
My lady are you in the forest of this mist?
All I ask is for your love, that I want to feel

I stand before her
Here, my eyes upon her
Her long hair streches to her shoulders
What is of her beauty? I wonder

When I felt her hair the black abyass
It was smooth as it for it may be
Inside her breast her heart is pure
Does she choose me?

Her hair in a thousand waves
Enough for any man to drown if touched
Love is not close to what I felt, I want to stay
I hope it is not the mist I feared

Her body tells me
She wants me to be here
Yet if this a dream
Is there any woman like she

I see through her hazel eyes of the trees
I see love and compassion
I see the forest behind her eyes
She has become my distraction

My fears began to come true
My lady is fading
Has the devil cast a illusion on me
So be it, for to I am leaving

I set for a quest
On this land of beauty
I did my best to the end
My emotions is getting weary

This forest of the mist
Is filled with tricks
Yet, I still dream
The lady in the mist

This enter my thoughts
Is there any fair maiden
Perfect as the lady in the mist
For the lady has become my burden


Cúcídh Mac Cuagh 09 April 2010

What an excellent poem! What an awesome sight you have created with this, your magically described romantic Poesy. Keep it up!

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