Land Of Justice Poem by Ojok Isaac

Land Of Justice

Where are we?
Are we lost?
Here, does the sun set?
Can somebody breathe?
Let my hears vibrate!

I fathom we were on Earth
We were poor!
We were so slacky!
And as we escape from school
Going deep in the forest
To smoke Jai(weed)

The Lord shook the Earth
And a tunnel deep like hell
Open! Wide! Like an Ocean!
And I slept!
"I slept! I slept! ..."
Now I woke up with you here
I don't know where we are!

We are four like the legs of a cow
So let's move together
Let's move this one big sinister
That now we are tested in!

Okello we aren't lost!
We know were we're from
We shall know how to go home
Let's just have a brain
To lead us here out

Let Ogal be that man
To take us back home
For not we but him can recall
What happened to us

Oh you've laid on me the rock
That I may open
Only if God help me
We will reach home soon

So their leader got them going
They moved like the legs of a cow
Ogal was as plucky as a lion
He feared none but work

On Earth he has cheated many
He has laid many lives down
No machine can sit to count
The women he raped in town

Odung was like his neck
Who supports him to stand
On any thing they can
He was like his bloody land
Who supports him to stand

Okello and Odur were the students
Who escape from college to learn
The shortcut to wealth nowadays
And they were still amateurs
Not even taught how to kill

So as the were prowling
Deep in a jungle so dark
The heard the wind wheezing loud
And the whirlwind that swirled
Like a big tank of water

The wind almost flied Odur
Only that he managed to grab a trunk
And all the others were left trembling
As they dread the wind who roared

Oh young men! Here you are!
In my hands of Justice
Now won't you escape
For I'm not the law so corrupt
I am Justice

As the winds cooled
Odur got himself a place
To rest his foot, and
Ogal saw the one who talk
And he was left with no muscle to move

Oh little bag of a blind woman
Why torment me like this
Why give me no choice
I stole you long years ago
What do you still know?

You took from me millions
And hid them under your nails
You bribed the law keepers
Who took you like egg
In the hands of the judge

And the blind woman
Cried in anguish
As she was fined for doing right

Oh little students
May you be dropped in magma
For none of you
Ever wished to choose the right way

Oh sad bag of the blind
You know me well as Okello
And Odur is my friend
We just joined this group, you know
Let us go please
Give us your Mercy

And the winds cooled
And the bag dissolved in the air
And no one could see it now

Oh friends, let's have strength
For this is just the start
Fear nothing and you'll go home
Fear all and die here

Oh boys, listen to your boss
Ogal is your master
Here is just a ground for learning
That you may be strong on Earth

Oh no, two minds are now one
We choose not your way
But the way of Mercy and truth
Take me no where
But to my Lord
Now that I'm lost with sin
Let my Lord be my light

Ogal is your lord
No one can lead you out of here
He knows all that happened
He knows what might happen
Let's be four like the legs of a cow
And move this one sinister

Move no leg any where
Lest I behead one of you
And hang your body on this tree
Believe in me,
I will take you out

And they love their heads
As their hearts were shaken
They agreed to move with them
Their master of sin
And Odung said to Ogal

Our lips are dry
And you can see that stream that flows
Why not take from it some water
To quench our thirst

And they went to the shores
With lips ready to suck water
From the stream that gently flow
As thirsty as Odung was!
He bended to suck and drink

And the water got his hands
Grabbed Odung by the neck
And pulled him to himself
As none was able to spot
The gentle stream as it was

Frighten as the boys were
They dash as fast as they can
Saying Lord, Lord give me another chance
And their boss followed them
Ready to behead

When the ground opened
So deep as hell could be
And swallowed Ogal
Like a python swallow its pretty
Ogal went down as he yelled

And a voice came from above
To the two boys who ran
You choose Mercy and Truth
So is the grace of God raining
In all squares on you

Forgiveness is the way that lead
For the Lord do forgives
All that choose his way in heart
As you did before

Lord let us know where we are
You're in the land of Justice
No one will escape lest they choose me

We choose you God
And thus you confess
So to Earth you shall return

And they woke up in this land
The Earth! With stories to tell
He who choosed the Lord was saved
And he who choosed his own way
Was fed to hell.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: justice
Bint Grace 16 April 2019

That is a brilliant piece of poetry which tells us how God favour the merciful people..

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