' How Do I Reach You? Poem by Linda Ori

' How Do I Reach You?

Rating: 2.9

If I could put it into words -
All that my heart is feeling,
Would they help to warm your heart
Or would they send you reeling?

There are so many emotions
So many words to say,
But which ones would you savor
And which ones throw away?

I live in indecision -
Which formula is best?
Overwhelm you with my thoughts
Or give your heart a rest;

It's difficult to hold inside
This flood of raw emotion
That threatens now to drown me
Like a shipwreck on the ocean;

I would die a thousand deaths
To think you never knew
Just how much you mean to me.............
But how do I reach you?


Ramesh T A 05 June 2009

Indeed a great question to think about! Putting in words what we feel for others to understand and appreciate is not in our hands. But over flow of feeling in poems it can be achieved sometime! Best wishes for your great venture!

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Ashraful Musaddeq 05 June 2009

'I would die a thousand deaths To think you never knew Just how much you mean to me............. But how do I reach you? ' A profound love poem, I love the above lines most.

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Anita Atina 05 June 2009

So much emotion flows thru this poem, without losing control. Really well written Linda. You convey sentiment without drowning in verbosity, a rare skill indeed!

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 07 June 2009

Finding ways to convey the emotions to the adored one is always difficult and one remaines in the state of confusion unless and untill those emotions are spilled. Another state of mind encroaches that what would be the reaction of the concerned party? So all these are rather natural thougths that overwhelm a human being in such state. Best Wishes Naseer

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T McH 11 June 2009

That, sweetheart, hits the nail right on the head. I remember when Ez proposed to me; (me being the eternal runner-awayer from commitment) : he said something like, I know that if I asked you to marry me that you'd run a million miles, but would you spend the rest of your life with me? There's a balance to be struck, perhaps, and the agony of knowing where to strike it is perfectly encapsulated here. t x

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The loving one 22 May 2018

This poem still touches a chord after all these years.Well done Linda.

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Jim Hogg 11 November 2016

A sense of overwhelming emotion and no way of getting to or through to the object of such intense affection.... It's a dire strait to be in... convincingly, powerfully and lyrically portrayed as always.... xxx

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F J Thomas 29 July 2014

Linda how saddeningly beautiful. So much depth to the one wanting only to be able to love the other. How wonderfully expressed.

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Prakash Mehra 11 October 2009

I loved your approch. God bless you.

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I live in indecision - in limbo as shipwreck

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