Late October Poem by Deluke Muwanigwa

Late October

Rating: 5.0

Late October

In mid October
I remember
I met a guy who's a member
On PoemHunter
We should have met in September
But we will meet in December

I met "Late October",
thought of Red October
That Cold War movie
As interesting as Scooby
"Late October" is a bard,
poems with points hard

He has something to say
Things he's experienced every day
But he has to say it a certain way,
else poems and points thrown away
As a person who believes in freedom to stray
This poem encourages him to stay

Nothing remains the same in life
Those who are hostile will be kind
Those who are first will be last
Those who bombast will feel the blast
The empire will recede and retire
The vast oceans of water will be on fire

So cry bard cry
Don't even lie
Limit is the sky
We wanna know why
Why any one would try
To muffle and stifle
Your voice stymie
Your poetic style
You travelled miles
To release your pile
of ideas some vile
Some causing bile

Freedom is a right
To write
Freedom to offend
And make amends

Tuesday, October 13, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: freedom of speech
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