Laws And Gods Poem by John Mccudden

Laws And Gods

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How good it would be to be as we want
And not as others see us
What it would be if we were free?
Not to do what other tell us

Now we can’t walk the streets
Without the eye upon us
So how can you live free?
When they are spying on us

When we make mistakes
The law comes down on us
By laws made by local folk
And world laws made to confuse us

What it would be to be free
From the laws set to guide us
And so to you I look dear god
What do you have to offer?

I am left confused which one to choose
As you are so many
Just who’s right and who is wrong
This I beg to differ
So I leave it up to you dear god
Which one and whoever

What it would be to be free
And not as others tell us
If I were free from laws and gods
Then this world would be for me

Each person could make their choice
Without feeling the eyes on us
And the law is down upon us

And so to you my dear friend
What do they do for us?
I don’t know what they want from us
But the eyes are upon us

Carol Rhodes 09 February 2009

John, you're a thinking and questioning man! Super! Well drawn thoughtful effort! If, as I see it, we were to go back to the beginnings of time, before man learned to scribble notes and invent a mythical world of separated people and creatures, all governed by their comforting 'gods', we would see that the 'unknown', the fear/ignorance created by the differences in all creatures, pulled us apart and led to ignorance that has lasted until today and possibly forever. How, I beg of everyone, do we begin to trust each other, love all living beings, animal or human, give up our false justifications (religion & gods) and unite, basking in our sameness and in our differences? Can't we all say and mean that we'll never kill anyone, animal or human, that we'll help and support one another, and that we'll share whatever we have? Let each 'tribe' disband and let everyone roam free and safe, respectful of everyone and everything at all times? If we think the world economy is a hurdle, well, we have a lifetime of ignorance and fears to bury. It takes a village to raise a child, but it's going to take the entire planet to live and let live, love and let love, help and let help. We, each person, are responsible. Let's do it. My best, John, and thank you for your insight into the mess we call life and home. Carol

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Jim Norausky 09 February 2009

Insightful poem. Well penned. I'm afraid our freedom of movement and observation is decreasing with the problems of the world. Someone once asked, do you think people are basically honest or dishonest. I would like to think honesty prevails, but I am not sure. Left to be free, we might have anarchy. Interesting to think about. Regards, Jim

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