John Mccudden Poems

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The Tree

look at the tree as it bends in the breeze
listen to its wispering leaves
a story to tell if you listen well

Run Little Rabbit Run

run little rabbit run run fast,
no matter where you go,
you cant escape your past,
run little rabbit run from love,

Day Dreamer

i am on a journey to where i dont know
as i start this journey dont know were to go
to start the journey i take one step
dont look back try to forget

Devil Banker

take the money you have years to pay
take the money its the easy way
take 5yrs dont matter when you pay
take the money i will collect from you all one day

Who Me

the one in the corner who no one sees
the one who always says please
the one who never gets asked
the one in the corner a smile for a mask

Lost Girl

Lost Girl


Babies And More

A woman had a baby
No wait it was eight
Shock horror how long did it take

Frog Prince

look at the frog so small and cute
top to tail in his green suite
never dry not always wet
every child wants one for a pet

No Going Back

i drive the same old streets
past the places we use to meet
past the station past the park
thats the place i lost my heart

Who Am I

i ask the question who am i
i ask the question why am i
the answer is within i am told
answer when your young and bold

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