Lost Girl Poem by John Mccudden

Lost Girl

Rating: 5.0

Lost Girl

john mc cudden

she is the one who has my mind
not yet a woman not yet a bride
silly sayings of a tourtured mind
so danaged by others her life in a grinde

she hides behind another face
made from hartache makeup in place
lost to the world at such a young age
hang your heads in shame such a disgrace

i never met her in the flesh
only in print so i have to guess
beautiful girl killed by the press
just another headline at best

lay her down let her sleep
leave the parents let them weep

as you remember her years from now
tell your childen she died and how
this beautiful person was put underground
just remember we all let her down

Marilyn Lott 17 May 2009

There are so many sad lives that never seem to get a real start in life. This poem was written from the heart and so appreciated, John. A '10! ' Best Wishes, Marilyn

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Adeline Foster 06 April 2009

I realize that this poem is really supposed to be symbolic but it reminded me of my own called ‘Tears’ written after a news item of a lost child. Adeline

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Fiona Davidson 21 January 2009

This is such a poignant and awsome poem John...thank you for letting us read it...Fi

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Maria Keith 14 January 2009

this poem is realy sympolic it reminds me of my own called amy that i wrote after amys funeral

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