Run Little Rabbit Run Poem by John Mccudden

Run Little Rabbit Run

Rating: 4.8

run little rabbit run run fast,
no matter where you go,
you cant escape your past,
run little rabbit run from love,
then you dont have to deal with all that stuff.

run litlle rabbit dont take the chance,
you might make it work, this crazy romance,
run little rabbit run for your life,
never look back dont deal with life.

dont talk about it,
it could turn out alright,
run little rabbit run for your life,
always a lover never a wife.

User Deleted 03 February 2009

definately, i wil keep on running away from love...i really loved the rhymes too

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Fiona Davidson 18 January 2009

Good images used here...I enjoyed reading it...thank you

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Carolyn Brunelle 15 January 2009

Wow! I love it, love it, love it John. Give it a 10! So many folks so afraid to really jump in.

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Kaitlyns Mummy 13 January 2009

i love this poem, it reminds me of a friend of mine...mad maggie!

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Nikia Chesney 12 January 2009

This is an amazing piece. This is something, I hate to admit, do a lot. Everytime things get rouph, I want to get leave. Break it off, bail out. Does it make it right? no. But it's better than sticking around and getting hurt.

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