No Going Back Poem by John Mccudden

No Going Back

Rating: 5.0

i drive the same old streets
past the places we use to meet
past the station past the park
thats the place i lost my heart

laughter and tears we had them all
beautiful moments i can recall
i close my eyes and your there once more
there beside me and my heart roars
i live in this dream hopeing for more

beauitful lady i need you to know
i loved you then and will forevermore
so come and join me in my dream
live forever as king and queen

Jessica Goudreault 18 January 2009

Aww, that's a really sweet poem and easy to understand. Just a side note that there's a couple spelling errors, but other than that, it's really nice.

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Nikia Chesney 12 January 2009

I really like this one! I can totally relate. I met my first love many years ago, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. Even still, after all these years, I'll think of him, dream of him, I'll even run into him here and there, and it's always the same. I can't breathe, my heart drops to the floor, and all I can think is, Oh my God, I still love him!

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Michelle Melody 07 January 2009

I sometimes wonder if ANYONE on earth gets to be with someone they really loved... or do they love just because they could never have...?

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