Who Am I Poem by John Mccudden

Who Am I

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i ask the question who am i
i ask the question why am i
the answer is within i am told
answer when your young and bold

i look deep inside
to the things i try to hide
the answers i still cant find
as i look in my troubled mind

as a boy i had joy
my troubles seemed so far away
and i could have answerd these questions any day

but as i grow the things i know
only add to my confusion
the answers i give just part of an illusion

so here i sit contemplating
the answers in my mind still cant find the answers
its like the blind leading the blind

as i get old and not as bold
the answers i still cant find
they say youth is wasted on the young
but then knwolage must be wasted on the old

remember the young man who answerd with pride
remember the answers are deep inside
the answers you give today
the ones the old man takes to his grave
so answer honest answer true
so answer today or take them with you

Jim Norausky 11 February 2009

John, This is a nice introspection on the 'meaning of life' question. We are all kindred spirits on this one! Well done. Jim

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User Deleted 30 January 2009

The answer is really within...this is the wisest poem I have read, keep up the good work..10/10.

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Sue Sie 18 January 2009

You are what you make yourself...life gets so much more complicated a s we get older....thanks for sharing this poem

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