James McLain

Gold Star - 40,509 Points (1958 - / From Tampa Florida And Still Living Near By)

Laws That Are Just, What Are They - Poem by James McLain

In all of nature and when once
it was natural
when unlike nature now
there is no longer that internal
inclination born into
what is practiced by those few
if it's not in the parents at birth
and the need to enforce
what is internally just to U.S. all

When one sits above U.S.
one needs not have to explain that to
reproduce these children and raise
the new born offspring with out
the need to say that children need
food, clothing and shelter and to better
our society by providing for all
a comprehensive education to
better propagate a thriving community
that we all live in.

Though with proper warning when reason has fled
and logic with sound judgement must dictate
that these children should not bear more children
where such children
by they are not by these children uncared for
so it is arranged in advance
that upon their majority that they all must
be placed in our violent U.S. prisons.

Internal discernment with out the need for speech
to each other a precept we have to shun
all whom are ignorant and whom wish
not to learn but prey on his sister or brother
with out the need to offend, where one has to live
unknown to each other that those few whom try
must all fail because of a system that is designed
for those whom due to poor breading will fail.

When with so many now there's no turning back
the hands of the clock and hence reason fails
and to many are born with out that internal
compass due to genetic defect or simple neglect
and or by unknowledgeable parents
when bringing forth empty vessels that can not be filled
nor can not keep or learn from external knowledge
then care for them by the just
should be a must
with out the need for a law by them that provided
prisons for.

Thus in the dark where no light can ever subdue them
that they with out speech
you know to be evil whom move in the dark
while casting forth no discernible shadow
that live unjust lives while possessing the knowledge
between what is right and that witch is wrong
thus the need for speech
when as it is with the just and by their moving tongue
by their very need you must tell them.

Such are these evil men there down below you
breeding even more
and such women that when you put them away let them
make no more children
but not unlike a child should people whom are wise
then for political gain thus abuse them.

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