Leave Me Alone - No - Love Me Alone Poem by Annie Juliet

Leave Me Alone - No - Love Me Alone

I don't want you to leave me alone
When I tell you to leave me alone
I want you to understand all I mean is
Love me alone.
I am a definite unique piece of creation
You have never dreamt in your wildest dream for someone like me.
Know my heart - understand the beats

I know love cannot be forced
It has to be felt
I am who I am
I like what I like
I love whom I love
I do what I want to do

I fell in love for a purpose - it was not coincidence
If it was - would have happened long back
The care, the love, the affection, the excitement
The respect, the understanding, the desire
The fun, the emotion, the passion
Need not have expiry date-should not have
I demand they are live till I am alive

Don't leave me alone - even if I mean it
Cos I love you alone - yeah I love you alone…

Friday, September 8, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: emotional,friendship,love
Daniel Brick 08 September 2017

I love the sincerity of this poem which you express in bold, bright language. Because you have nothing to hide and you have pride in yourself and what you have done. to build your relationship. You just list all the things you have done to nurture it and let them speak for themselves. Believe me - I find your candor and pride completely persuasive - there's no vanity or self-serving here, but you do expect to be treated with respect and a full return of love from your partner. The closing lines are very calm and quiet - a perfect ending for a poem celebrating the best of human love.

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Annie Juliet 13 September 2017

Thank you for the wonderful evaluation - you really got my heart

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Anil Kumar Panda 08 September 2017

Straight from the heart. Love is dripping thick from the lines. full of emotions it is flowing very nice. Thanks for posting.

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